Our mission is to change the ‘chalk and talk’ method of teaching and learning which is experienced commonly by students in India and Canada.

Robotics knowledge in India, Canada and across the world is becoming a vital part of the learning which every modern-day student must understand in order to succeed in a highly competitive, technology-driven world. We believe that in the future technology will dominate pretty much every area of modern life. Robotics and automated systems are vital to this expected change.

Robotics brings together all the STEM fields of education in ways that no other subject can cover. It combines mechanics, physics, electronics, engineering, computer science, technology, and math. Moreover, as a result of the innovative aspect of this field, it is also one of the most inspiring subjects for children to study.

Our online courses and on-the-ground workshops will make learning fun! These programs will allow the young individuals who participate to develop technical abilities. This novel approach is evidenced based and is parasitized by the best education institutes in the UK, Canada, India and the US to help equip students with new skills and concepts quickly and thoroughly.

Our fun approach to robotics introduces the concept of constructive creativity and helps form a community of excited learners. We believe that true and real learning happens when a young mind is allowed to discover the learning principals which only come to life through hands on experiential learning.

Participating in our online and offline models of education students will learn engineering and product design (mechanical, electrical, and software), problem solving, strategy, development of algorithms, teamwork, leadership, and self confidence. Our program will allow them to expand their career opportunities in related fields.